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Returning New Items

How to prepare items to be returned Pre-Paid Return Shipping Label What to do if a part does not fit

Is an RMA (Return Merchandise Authorization) required to return an item?

All return MUST be accompanied with the appropriate RMA for the items being returned. RMAs are simple to get, and help ensure a smooth and easy return process, allowing us to focus more time and energy on helping customers!

Why do I need to include the RMA information when returning items?

The facility receiving returns needs to know the details of why items are being, so they can be appropriately inspected to expedite the return and refund process.

Along with causing unnecessary delays in the time it takes to process a return, items being returned without a proper RMA, risk being lost, misplaced, or end up being sent back manufacturer without knowing who sent back the items.

Any items returned without the proper documentation will be processed after items returned with the correct documentation, as these take much more time and resources to process correctly.

Can an item be returned if it does not fit?

Yes, but please be sure to follow proper steps before sending an item back to us.

Please see What to do if an part does not fit.