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Starters & Starter Motors

Quality New & Re-Manufacturered Electrical Stater Motors

Starters & Starter Motors

Quality Built Brand Name Starters from
TYC, Remy, & Bosch.

Diagnosis Level of Difficulty: Moderate

Replacement Level of Difficulty: Easy

Symptoms of Worn or Faulty Starter:

  • Engine won't turn over when you turn the ignition key.
  • Starter engaging, but not turning.
  • Starter is spinning, but not engaging.
  • You only hear a "clicking" sound when turning the key.

Starter motors, or starters for short, are motor assemblies designed to engage an engine's flywheel to give it enough momentum and inertia for the engine to start. A Stater motor is generally an electric motor, with an attached solenoid, that use an electrical current from either a battery, or another source current.

Although most commonly known for starting a passenger car or truck, they are also used in all sorts of commercial or industrial vehicles or other machinery, and are even used in some home applications such as riding mowers and snow blowers.

For help on how to troubleshoot your vehicle’s starter motor, here is a very helpful video on How To Test a Starter Motor