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Price Match Policy

At TheWrenchMonkey, we strive to offer excellent quality products at competitive prices. As such, we are committed to matching any verifiable Canadian-based retailer price.

Additionally, we may also work with customers on a case-by-case basis for United States-based competitors.

For additional details and conditions, please refer to information below, or contact our customer support team for assistance.

MarketPlace Competitors & Classified Ads

Due to the unverifiable nature and legitimacy of products and sellers listed on marketplace aggregator, or classified ads websites, these prices may not be eligible for price matching.

Out of Stock, Unavailable, & Discontinued Products

Our price matching policy is subject to product availability. Products that are not in stock with given competitor, unavailable, or discontinued, may not be eligible for price-matching.

Please contact customer service for assistance.

United States-Based Price Matching

As a general rule, TheWrenchMonkey will try to accommodate customers in situations of price-matches regarding United States-based competitors.

In order to promote customer loyalty and to assist customers in getting the products they need quickly and easily, our goal is to work with customers on a best-effort basis, either to match, or to adjust the price.

Best Effort Basis

Regardless of the situation, our Customer Service Team will do their best to accommodate customer requests with what is considered reasonable for our business.

Reserve Right To Price-Match

As there may be several factors to consider in price-matching, TheWrenchMonkey always reserves the right to set the final offered price to its customers, and as such, may determine not to match a given competitor price.

Verifiable Price

To be eligible for price-matching, our team must be able to verify a lower price with provided information. This can generally be achieved by simply providing a link, or a quote from a competitor.

Delivery and Shipping

In certain situations, additional delivery charges, or customs and duties fees may be considered in comparing competitor’s price