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MAYHEM MEDIA Writes:"In the past ordered some brakes, came quick and they were easy to communicate with. Now?? Ordered brake pads a week ago, emailed 3 times in 3 days, called about a dozen times! No replies to email and no body ever answers the phone. I have a car sitting on the driveway waiting on brake pads. I just want to cancel at this point as I ordered the Wagner MX971 pads from the USA. nonsense!"
Sep. 11, 2022
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Ron Rodman Writes:"This was a pleasant experience overall. There are a few negative reviews out there about "The Wrench Monkey" that may be true for the other people, but I ordered the part and it arrive next day after the order was confirmed. Good job. The next part of this review is constructive criticism. On other websites, there is an instant reply that re-assures you that your order is being processed. Ordering from the The Wrench Monkey, there is period of silence, until you get a confirmation, the negative reviews gain strength in your mind. If a immediate response could be generated, I believe this would re-assure the customer. I know I was a little worried because of the long period of silence and the negative reviews. Overall a successful transaction. Will order again. Haven't installed the part yet, but looks correct. Thx Ron"
Aug. 14, 2022
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Paul Ross Writes:"Always had good experiences with quick parts delivery. Had to return one product (02 oxygen sensor) and reordered a replacement. Still waiting for refund to be deposited in my account. Now approaching a month long wait. I have actually sent them a letter via Canada Post. The letter contained proof of purchase and return product authorization...but I' m waiting for my refund to show up. Will not, cannot, order again until they honor this. Fortunately, there are other sources to buy from."
Jul. 21, 2022
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Tyson Mercier Writes:"Don't waste your time. I have spent nearly $1500 through 6 orders over 2 years with the Wrench Monkey. When things go smooth, I get the parts quick for a decent price. Customer experience and service leaves something to be desired. I forgot to add a couple bolts to an order. I emailed them asking if I process the bolt order, can you toss the bolts in the same box and refund the additional shipping charge. They told me it wouldn't be an issue. I got 2 shipments and never refunded me the shipping charge. Some parts on their site says "in stock, call for pricing." I tried calling 10 times over 2 days, and the phone was never picked up. I eventually got through via email, and both parts were out of stock. 4-6 week lead time. I submitted another order for some in stock parts. 4 of 5 we're delivered, the last was out of stock and refunded. My most recent order was for 2 control arms, around $400. Both "in stock." I got an email 5 days after submitting my order saying both parts are - take a guess - OUT OF STOCK. Oh but they offered me a more expensive one at discounted rate. The part was for a completely different make of car. Their poor customer service in combination with a unfunctional inventory management system has wasted my time and money. Sometimes you pay them and the part shows up, sometimes they let you know almost a week later that you're out of luck. Don't waste your time. I will avoid using The Wrench Monkey if I can going forward. I hope you will too, and maybe they can make some positive changes."
Jun. 16, 2022
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Oleksandr Veksler Writes:"Despite some negative reviews, I've had a great and smooth experience with them. Two years ago I bought two control arms with life warranty for my car from them, as those parts failed, I followed warranty replacement process with them (buying new parts, returning old ones and getting refund) and every step was fine. My new order was ready for pick up in few hours after placing it and getting refund under warranty took less than a week."
May. 10, 2022