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The Wrench Monkey Google Reviews Page

David Green Writes:"I gave them 5 stars - but since everyone can improve, I would have only given them 4.6 stars....I had to find parts online first ....and then put the part numbers into their search engine - and the parts that did not show up were actually there!. This seems to be the story of my life when dealing with these guys. When calculated into CDN Dollars from US Dollars, the prices were as good as pretty well ALL of the US based "super sellers"! I don't believe I should put names to who their US competitors are though....but I will say that one competitor sells RACING EQUIPMENT....another invokes an image of being way up a South American river.....and the many listings on a world renowned auction site are no better when International Shipping is calculated! I have placed several orders now with these guys - and, to quote my grand-daughter - "These guys rock" - Well, all in all, anyway."
May. 15, 2019
Geoffrey Alders Writes:"Only place I was able to find parts. Even my mechanic could only source from dealer in Fredericton. So this was a huge savings (Again- not for same parts though). Only thing left for me to do is send parts back for the refund aspect under warranty! That may bring it up to a 5 star!"
May. 09, 2019
Lisa Brown Writes:"I give it NO STAR rating but to post this you need to give 1. Customer Service was abrupt and stone-walled me. Wrench Monkey have the lowest prices BUT, you will pay for that in the long run in aggravation. Sorry but true. After this complaint I made I got a immediate responds and got apology from the manager Andrew. And was promised this will be fix and it will not happen again. Andrew stated he will do whatever it takes to continue doing business with me. So by his efforts and statements I am satisfied. Thank you Google for this form. 4 star rating until next time."
May. 07, 2019
Steve Sahakyan Writes:"Difficult to reach customer service if things don't go as planned. I called 3 times today and goes straight to voicemail without any chance to speak to anyone, I currently have two orders with them and need assistance..... what the hell ?? They won’t respond to email either !! UPDATE: I received all my parts and the folks at Wrench Monkey made good on their promise to ship out ASAP. I am satisfied with the prices and the online catalogue but I hope they review their customer service processes as there is a lot to improve. I increased my original score of 1 star up to 3 stars while writing this update."
May. 07, 2019
Bryce Baker Writes:"Have ordered parts for two 1991 Japanese sporty cars - a Supra Turbo and a Talon Turbo. All parts delivered were as promised and on time. Some parts I was able to order but were not available - not much of a surprise for cars 28 years old - but Wrench Monkey emailed with suggestions for replacements for all but one, which was not available anywhere. Prices are good and ordering was very convenient."
May. 06, 2019