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The Wrench Monkey Google Reviews Page

Harvey Spectre Writes:"Ordered from them twice. Great prices and products. First time customer service response time was slow (over 24hrs), however, second time it has been much faster (a few hours). Didn’t have one of items I ordered in stock, they priced matched with an alternative. I’m fine with not expecting same day order fulfillment if their prices stay competitive."
Dec. 03, 2019
Glenn Klasges Writes:"Ordered suspension parts and had no problem. Received shipment via Canada Post on time and just as I expected,right on the money. I"m extremely pleased with the great service all around. Thanks to Wrench Monkey and Canada Post!!!! PS. Saved a pile of cash!!!!!"
Dec. 02, 2019
Bill Louie Writes:"Live in Canada, ordered 3 air filters from the Wrench Monkey, they had the best price for the filters and delivery by FedEx. They kept me in the loop for shipping and the filters were delivered as scheduled. They replied promptly to my email questions prior to placing the order. Good experience, will use them again."
Nov. 27, 2019
Roadside Assistant Writes:"I ordered a part that was listed as in stock from the wrench monkey and payed for overnight shipping. I received a order confirmation via email about 20 minutes later saying that my order was received and overnight shipping was in place so I proceeded to tear my engine down to prepare for installing the part the next day as I only had the 2 days off work to complete the repair. Later that night I received another email stating that the part sold was not in stock. A number was left to call but the store was now closed so I called it the next morning to explain how there lack of inventory had left me with no vehicle. No apologies where made WHICH IS WHY YOUR GETTING THIS REVIEW just a " we will get back to you when we find a part that works" No time frame was given on how long this may take, The lady on the phone was short with me and didn't explain squat. When i called back later that day to acquire about the part or a refund i got no answer. I called about 15 times over a 3 hour period and emailed with no response. So I guess I'm supposed to just sit here and wait for who knows how long for a part that they might find?? I don't think so. I called the dealer and got the part in stock for $10 cheaper than buying it from the wrench monkey who later that night emailed me saying they couldn't find the part, none had one and they wouldn't be back in stock. Thanks for the headache and the lost day of work."
Nov. 14, 2019
K Karutz Writes:"Can Not go wrong with this mob! For both my Mercedes and Volvo every part has been spot on and at an excellent price. Only one loosing out is my local parts house. Keep up the great work"
Nov. 05, 2019