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The Wrench Monkey Google Reviews Page

Belle C Writes: "While looking for an O2 sensor for my Mitsu Lancer, I encountered a lot of confusion on what actual part I needed. Called Mitsubishi direct and was quoted almost $700! Contacted WrechMonkey and they directed me to a part for a 1/4 of the cost and was good for either up or down draft replacement. Thank you for clearing up the confusion and for great pricing on parts!"
Feb. 15, 2017
Rohit Batra Writes: "Prices are VERY competitive, even better than Amazon. Theyre local and Canadian as well so that's a huge plus. I choose them over the big retailers every time. Great experience."
Feb. 06, 2017
RustyCanadien Writes: "I bought a secondary AIR pump from them. They had THE lowest price for the part number I needed. I chose the pickup option, guy on the phone told me it would be in their office by 3 PM (it was 11 AM during the call). I went there and my part was waiting for me. Everything was perfect. I recommend you call them before ordering your item as their website isn't always updated on the stocks. Overall great place and for sure, my new part supplier."
Jan. 29, 2017
Fahstah1 Onlyname Writes: "ALWAYS A GREAT EXPERIENCE!!! The Wrench is my favorite place to buy parts from online. Hands down awesome pricing and quality products. I buy mostly MOOG suspension parts and I haven't found cheaper pricing anywhere else. I Highly Recommend their services. if I could give a 6 or more star rating I would."
Jan. 17, 2017
Chris Balanca Writes: "Probably the best out there for auto parts, not too expensive, and quick delivery! Order a motor for my driver window about a month back, got it earlier than expected (during the holiday season no less) replaced it myself and works like a charm. Came back to order another part, called customer service for info and even if they didn't have it themselves they directed me to where i can find the info I needed. Much respect, keeping doing what you are doing Wrench Monkey!"
Jan. 10, 2017