The Wrench Monkey Google Reviews Page

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Jacob Schwass Writes:"I have ordered from the Wrench Monkey many times. Generally I have had a good experience, parts arrive as described. My last order I placed on Sunday, and needed the parts for safety inspection / certification on Wednesday. I specifically paid extra for the parts to be delivered on Tuesday. I have since missed my appointment with the shop, because the parts aren’t scheduled to arrive until Friday. In fact the package was not handed off to the post office until this morning. Overall not pleased. If you are going to quote shipping times, and charge extra for faster shipping, then there needs to be some accountability to ensure people are getting what they pay for. Disappointing."
May. 03, 2023
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Greg Keane Writes:"I ordered spark plugs online at a good price for Canada, my order was ready the next day. On my way to Mississauga I picked up the plugs and the reception was very helpful and friendly. Make sure you have your order number or other identifying information plus your government issued ID."
Feb. 19, 2023
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Bruce Keller Writes:"Upfront and honest. The manufacturer of the part that I needed listed on their own web site that they were experiencing production delays in their special order parts. The Wrench Monkey also told me about the delay, asking if I still wanted to place the order and wait for the part. They gave me an estimated delivery time, not wanting to promise more than they could deliver and it was shipped to me in the timeline that they thought it would. Very happy and will use again when needed for parts."
Dec. 19, 2022
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Silvia Barker Writes:"I have used Wrench Monkey several times and have been extremely pleased, not only with the customer service but the price, availability and speed of shipment. I did have to return one part and they were extremely efficient and didn't charge to return it, they even paid the return shipping. Whenever I need parts for my cars, I will definitely use them. Thanks Wrench Monkey!"
Dec. 15, 2022
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Sean Writes:"I discovered their website in a search for a brake cable I couldn't seem to find anywhere, luckily their site said they had one available, so I took the chance and ordered it up despite alot of negative reviews. That being said I did have an issue with confirmation emails because they had a problem currently, however I called when I didn't see anything after an hour, which I got to talk to someone right away. I called a few times throughout to ensure my order was correct, which they had no problem offering the information. After that they sent out my part promptly and arrived at my house before expected delivery time. The parts were exactly what was ordered and was good quality, so I'm glad o ordered as I was in need of the parts to certify a car. I would order again in the future and update."
Nov. 27, 2022