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Sean M Writes:"I discovered their website in a search for a brake cable I couldn't seem to find anywhere, luckily their site said they had one available, so I took the chance and ordered it up despite alot of negative reviews. That being said I did have an issue with confirmation emails because they had a problem currently, however I called when I didn't see anything after an hour, which I got to talk to someone right away. I called a few times throughout to ensure my order was correct, which they had no problem offering the information. After that they sent out my part promptly and arrived at my house before expected delivery time. The parts were exactly what was ordered and was good quality, so I'm glad o ordered as I was in need of the parts to certify a car. I would order again in the future and update."
Nov. 27, 2022
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Kim Landry-Moore Writes:"I bought part Walker 48350 on their website. This is the exhaust resonator + pipe assembly (in 1 part). This is what is on their website with the image and everything. They called me back to tell me this wasn't in stock but they can have the EXACT SAME PART for my car, so I accepted as I was expected to receive the resonator + pipe assembly. Finally, I received only the resonator, and they are telling me it's my fault since I accepted the offer when they called me back, so now if I want to return it I need to pay for the shipping. BUT she confirmed the informations on their website needs to be changed. This is ridiculous. Customer support is a joke. WASTE OF TIME AND MONEY. Decided to give them a second try because I needed the other part of the exhaust. I purchased the other part Walker 50603 that was ''in stock'' again on the website. 6 days later, no e-mails, no calls, nothing.. so I called them back. After 10-12 calls, I got lucky and they finally answer the call and told me it was out of stock but they have another part that could fit. I asked for a refund obviously since the lost of time have been crazy with this company. First and last time ever doing business with them."
Sep. 29, 2022
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Nick N Nacks Writes:"Long overdue but well deserved review. Ordered 2 car parts. Great prices. Both shipped quickly. Did not need one. Return was easy to set up. Brought it back in person to the warehouse. Got full refund with a day or two. No restocking fee. Will use again."
Sep. 24, 2022
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Ron Rodman Writes:"This was a pleasant experience overall. There are a few negative reviews out there about "The Wrench Monkey" that may be true for the other people, but I ordered the part and it arrive next day after the order was confirmed. Good job. The next part of this review is constructive criticism. On other websites, there is an instant reply that re-assures you that your order is being processed. Ordering from the The Wrench Monkey, there is period of silence, until you get a confirmation, the negative reviews gain strength in your mind. If a immediate response could be generated, I believe this would re-assure the customer. I know I was a little worried because of the long period of silence and the negative reviews. Overall a successful transaction. Will order again. Haven't installed the part yet, but looks correct. Thx Ron"
Aug. 14, 2022
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Paul Ross Writes:"Always had good experiences with quick parts delivery. Had to return one product (02 oxygen sensor) and reordered a replacement. Still waiting for refund to be deposited in my account. Now approaching a month long wait. I have actually sent them a letter via Canada Post. The letter contained proof of purchase and return product authorization...but I' m waiting for my refund to show up. Will not, cannot, order again until they honor this. Fortunately, there are other sources to buy from."
Jul. 21, 2022