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The Wrench Monkey Google Reviews Page

Gabriel GODART Writes:"I was anxious to order from them after reading some feedback on Internet. But, it's here I found the caliper repair kit I was looking for (Subaru outback 2008). Others places don't have it or sell it at more than 4x the price proposed by the wrench monkey. There was an availability issue with brake hoses I ordered but they propose me another solution to make it happen. And it arrived the day after the confirmation. So 5 stars deserved."
Jul. 09, 2018
Ryan Gambell Writes:"I've ordered from them before and had no issues. This time I called and asked if I could actually come and pick the parts up. They said this is fine but when I called to place the order I could not get anyone to answer the phone or email and did not return my phone call. Didnt want to pay for same day shipping and was in a hurry. Was willing to drive the 1.5 hours to get the part. Now I have to put my van back together and wait for the part to be shipped out. Time was of the essence on this one now I have to sit back and wait!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"
Jun. 29, 2018
Bruno Girouard Writes:"Right then. A few days ago I was LIVID at them for not picking up the phone or answering emails! I was going to TRASH their name! But you know what? Be patient and give them a chance. They'll get back to you eventually... they're busy. They'll even offer to upgrade shipping if need be. My parts came in later than expected but the packaging was EXCELLENT and the parts are BRAND NAME!!!! No white box junk! Oh, and the price for this top notch stuff had to be a mistake... way too cheap. If you can wait for your parts, these monkeys will get you sorted. Quite impressed in the end..."
Jun. 15, 2018
JoEH Kay Writes:"If you don't need the parts quickly, this is a good site to order from. Good prices, parts seem to be OEM quality, but do NOT expect to get your order quickly even with ''2 day shipping''. I have places two orders with The Wrench Monkey, both qualified for 2 day shipping. Both orders took 2 full business days before they even shipped out. After the first order I was assured that next time I would not deal with the same issues, but I did. I will probably not be using them again as I can not reliably get my parts in the provided time frame."
Jun. 08, 2018
Jim L Writes:"Never had a bad experience ordering from The Wrench Monkey. This one time I ordered parts and paid the extra money to have it shipped for the next day. I ordered late on a Monday, then got an email saying that they can only ship it the next day (being late in the day) and that I would get it by 10:30am on the Wednesday. That was fine with me, however, I didn't get a confirmation e-mail as expected on the Tuesday, but finally got it on the Wednesday for Thursday delivery, which was then too late. I sent them an e-mail informing them of my dismay. They immediately apologized, intercepted the package that was on it's way, and processed an immediate refund to my account and assured me that they had corrected the issue that caused the delay. I even got a follow-up email from them assuring me that this was an isolated incident and appreciated my patience/tolerance. In my books, that's good business sense. Mistakes happen, but they took responsibility and corrected everything to my satisfaction. Great customer service, they will continue to get my business and the business of all my friends as a result. Very, very impressed. Thanks. From: Ottawa, ON"
May. 18, 2018