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The Wrench Monkey Google Reviews Page

The Count Writes:"Excellent simple self-serve website ordering with very reasonable prices and multiple shipping options. Products received as advertised and am very happy new customer! Will be back again and again."
Apr. 18, 2017
Andrew Brice Writes:"Hello Andrew, We sincerely apologize for the inconvenience however our system has flagged your order as potential fraud. We have issued a refund back to your credit card of two small amounts. You must call your credit card company to check “non posted” transactions (or transactions that have not been posted). Please note these will not show up on your online bank statements for at least a couple of days, so we recommend that you speak to directly with your bank. This is a precaution we take to verify the credit card to protect ourselves and our customers. This allows us to confirm the validity of your credit card payment. We ask that you respond to us with the exact amounts of these refunds. Please provide us with this information so that we may expedite your shipment as soon as possible! Thank you Well I called my bank and there were no non posted refunds . My credit card company doesn't think there are and potential fraud problems. I called the wrench monkey and was told to wait until the small refunds were posted . So i said since your giving small refunds you might as well refund the whole amount and I'll take my business elsewhere AKA amazon. Crap way to do business."
Apr. 04, 2017
Graeme B Writes:"Great quick service, love the free shipping! I'd like to be able to review the parts and see reviews from others on the parts they have bought. I found cheap isn't always best on my last purchase but even so you can't beat their pricing and speed of delivery. I'll be shopping here again."
Feb. 28, 2017
RustyCanadien Writes:"I bought a secondary AIR pump from them. They had THE lowest price for the part number I needed. I chose the pickup option, guy on the phone told me it would be in their office by 3 PM (it was 11 AM during the call). I went there and my part was waiting for me. Everything was perfect. I recommend you call them before ordering your item as their website isn't always updated on the stocks. Overall great place and for sure, my new part supplier."
Jan. 29, 2017
Chris Balanca Writes:"Probably the best out there for auto parts, not too expensive, and quick delivery! Order a motor for my driver window about a month back, got it earlier than expected (during the holiday season no less) replaced it myself and works like a charm. Came back to order another part, called customer service for info and even if they didn't have it themselves they directed me to where i can find the info I needed. Much respect, keeping doing what you are doing Wrench Monkey!"
Jan. 10, 2017