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Michael Monahan Writes:"Ordering was easy and shipping was fast. However, when a bearing in the clutch kit proved to be incorrect, they claimed no responsibility. It appeared to take a bad revue here to get their attention and they are now revisiting the problem, so I have upped the rating from one star."
Sep. 19, 2023
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Basil MacMurray Writes:"Fairly easy to use web page, made it simple to look up parts I needed, make comparison's with other makes of product, and purchase. I ordered on Saturday and the process to ship it was done 1st thing Monday morning. Part went to Canada Post at Gateway, Mississauga. For some reason, It was stuck in Etobicoke until Wednesday, but was at my door by about 2pm Wed afternoon. Quality parts at about $50 cheaper than Hot Spot auto parts, plus brand new part from Wrench Monkey compared to rebuilt from Hot Spot, and no core charge. 1st time used but will be, using again. Good job Wrench Monkey team. Cheers"
Sep. 13, 2023
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Jaret Scheirlinck Writes:"I had ordered from them before and had a decent experience. This most recent order it's been a completely different situation. Looking for quality parts, and ordered a set of bearings that shows them to be made in Germany. Upon receiving the parts, I find them to be made in China!! Definitely would NOT have ordered them if I had known they were made in China. I had emailed and was told they would contact the supplier/manufacturer and get back to me by monday 12pm EST. Well, here I am with NO reply in days, despite my daily follow up emails looking for an update, and trying to figure out what to do with the inferior parts I was sent, and the false advertising on the site. Very unlikely I'll ever deal with TheWrenchMonkey again with the $#!t customer service I've been getting. *EDIT I will bump this review up and would give them closer to 3.5-4 stars. They did rectify the issue only a day later after I put my initial review in, and replaced the parts with quality parts from USA. Hopefully the description of the initial parts gets updated on their website so as not to disappoint any other customers."
Sep. 08, 2023
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Steve McTavish Writes:"Web site shows Moog ES62L tie rod end with dust cover, nut , cotter pin and grease fitting. However only the tie rod end was in the Moog box. Replied to their last email about missing pieces , but no reply yet. Two days later received a non robot phone call regarding this, missing parts were expedited and received the next day. They corrected the issue quickly… it’s all good"
Aug. 29, 2023
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Courtney Fleming Writes:"Very disappointed in my first and only ever attempt to use this site to purchase parts. Placed an order on Thursday and received a phone call yesterday after funds were taken on hold. The phone call started out with them apologizing but due to the size of the item that shipping would be an additional $311.00.. No big deal. I had said I would drive to Toronto to pick up to save on the high shipping cost. Thought all was good and then after confirming I would pick up I was then informed that the pricing on the website was also supposedly "inaccurate" and the parts themselves would cost an additional $110 plus taxes. If you're going to list something don't go and change pricing on the consumer after they have placed an order and the funds had been withdrawn. Put the accurate pricing on the websites and update accordingly. Use this site at your own risk but be forewarned that this is how they practice business."
Jul. 29, 2023