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Arnott Air Suspension in Canada

Air Shocks, Air Springs, Air Struts, Compressors, & Convertion Kits

For nearly 25 years, Arnott has been an innovator in air suspension replacement products. Today, Arnott is the global industry leader in manufacturing quality aftermarket air shock and strut products for a broad range of car & truck applications.
Arnott offers Air Ride products for vehicles such as Audi, Bentley, BMW, Buick, Cadillac, Chevrolet, Ford, GMC, Hummer, Jaguar, Land Rover, Lexus, Lincoln, Maybach, Mercedes-Benz, Mercury, Oldsmobile, Pontiac, Porsche, Saab and Volkswagen.
Its product range includes: Front and Rear Air Springs, Suspension Air Compressors, Air Shocks & Struts, Standard Suspension Conversion Kits, as well as other accessories and parts.
Located just a few minutes from the Kennedy Space Center and Port Canaveral on Florida's Space, Arnott's 200,000 sq. ft. manufacturing plant in Merritt Island features an impressive research & development lab with test equipment, multiple auto lifts, and its own Mazak multi-tasking CNC machine for creating and testing new parts the automotive aftermarket. Utilizing fully robotic CNC machines, Arnott improves part integrity and efficiency ensuring the highest quality control standards.
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A2123 A2133 A2143 A2148
A2153 A2173 A2174 A2202
A2212 A2216 A2217 A2220
A2239 A2251 A2252 A2280
A2384 A2385 A2393 A2464
A2465 A2466 A2501 A2502
A2503 A2504 A2523 A2528
A2536 A2538 A2559 A2571
A2572 A2575 A2576 A2587
A2596 A2597 A2610 A2611
A2612 A2641 A2642 A2647
A2691 A2692 A2724 A2725
A2726 A2730 A2731 A2735
A2737 A2738 A2755 A2780
A2831 A2862 AS2121 AS2125
AS2127 AS2139 AS2163 AS2177
AS2185 AS2190 AS2193 AS2194
AS2235 AS2245 AS2246 AS2268
AS2269 AS2272 AS2294 AS2295
AS2300 AS2301 AS2304 AS2305
AS2306 AS2307 AS2308 AS2394
AS2395 AS2396 AS2411 AS2450
AS2451 AS2463 AS2488 AS2489
AS2497 AS2498 AS2516 AS2517
AS2519 AS2520 AS2540 AS2547
AS2548 AS2560 AS2561 AS2562
AS2563 AS2570 AS2580 AS2581
AS2598 AS2603 AS2604 AS2605
AS2606 AS2684 AS2685 AS2686
AS2687 AS2700 AS2708 AS2710
AS2711 AS2715 AS2743 AS2744
AS2746 AS2747 AS2757 AS2758
AS2764 AS2765 AS2783 AS2784
AS2787 AS2788 B2100 C2130
C2137 C2138 C2140 C2145
C2168 C2175 C2180 C2181
C2182 C2203 C2221 C2224
C2227 C2232 C2236 C2242
C2271 C2278 C2285 C2290
C2293 C2410 C2479 C2518
C2527 C2529 C2532 C2545
C2546 C2607 C2608 C2614
C2615 C2616 C2666 C2667
C2675 C2718 C2721 C2745
C2835 D2155 D2171 K2122
K2230 P2134 P2136 P2191
P2192 P2204 P2210 P2211
P2213 P2218 P2219 P2231
P2234 P2284 P2291 P2310
P2400 P2426 P2428 P2462
P2469 P2494 P2495 P2496
P2500 P2514 P2538 P2539
P2585 P2586 P2593 P2594
P2595 P2599 P2618 P2644
P2645 P2655 P2658 P2740
P2793 SK2111 SK2118 SK2126
SK2162 SK2167 SK2176 SK2178
SK2183 SK2186 SK2189 SK2225
SK2255 SK2256 SK2263 SK2264
SK2412 SK2413 SK2414 SK2415
SK2417 SK2418 SK2419 SK2420
SK2422 SK2423 SK2454 SK2455
SK2456 SK2457 SK2458 SK2459
SK2460 SK2461 SK2470 SK2471
SK2472 SK2473 SK2482 SK2483
SK2484 SK2485 SK2487 SK2511
SK2512 SK2549 SK2550 SK2551
SK2552 SK2553 SK2554 SK2555
SK2556 SK2649 SK2671 SK2716
SK2717 SK2723 SK2732 SK2733
SK2760 SK2779 SK2806 SK2814
AS2792 AS2777 AS2778 AS2802
A2386 AS2809 SK2813 A2790
A2791 C2722 P2646 P2676
P2807 P2811 C2819 C2818
P2827 AS2833 SK2812 AS2775
AS2776 P2830 A2859 SK2867
P2858 C2836 P2794 AS2785
AS2786 P2860 A2869 A2885
A2861 C2896 AS2892 AS2893
P2857 P2863 AS2855 SK2868
AS2884 AS2864 K2897 AS2888
AS2889 K2898 K2899 P2871
P2872 P2935 P2932 P2936
P2937 AS2852 AS2853