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Continental (CRP) - Contitech Auto Parts in Canada

Timing Belts, Timing Belt Kits, Pro Timing Belt Kits, & More.

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Since 2007, ContiTech has been selling the Pro Series Timing Kits complete with timing belt, tensioners (hydraulic when applicable), idlers, and a water pump. After receiving overwhelmingly positive response from professional repair technicians Continental decided to take this great idea and make it even better. And in 2010, they introduced the Pro Series Plus kits, containing everything the Pro Series line has to offer plus the addition of cam and balance shaft seals.

Today, CRP offers are more than 150 Pro Series kits fitting over 2,000 car & truck applications. No matter which timing belt kit you, Contitech ensure that every part is OE-quality, and every kit comes with a lifetime guarantee based on the vehicle manufacturers' recommended change interval for the belt.

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7PK1629 PK040487 PK060492 PK070500
PK070610 PK070622 PK070721 PK070931
PK070998 PP298LK1 TB043 TB139LK1
TB143LK1 TB154LK1 TB157LK1 TB163LK1
TB172LK1 TB172LK2 TB184LK1 TB184LK2
TB186187LK1 TB190LK1 TB193LK1 TB193LK2
TB193LK3 TB194LK1 TB195LK1 TB199K1
TB199LK1 TB199LK1WH TB200LK1 TB201LK2
TB211LK1 TB211LK2 TB214K1 TB215LK1
TB215LK2 TB216186LK1 TB218LK1 TB218LK1MI
TB218LK2 TB219LK1 TB220LK1 TB221LK2
TB224LK1 TB224LK2 TB226186LK1 TB226186LK2
TB227LK1 TB227LK2 TB228 TB232168K2
TB235LK3 TB240LK1 TB240LK2 TB244186LK1
TB245LK1 TB246LK1 TB247LK1 TB249
TB252LK1 TB252LK2 TB254LK1 TB254LK2
TB255LK1 TB255LK2 TB257LK1 TB257LK2
TB259LK1 TB262LK1 TB262LK1WH TB262LK2
TB262LK2WH TB263LK1 TB265LK2 TB265LK3
TB270LK1 TB270LK2 TB271LK1 TB271LK2
TB277LK2 TB279280LK1 TB281LK1 TB282K1
TB283LK1 TB283LK2 TB283LK3 TB283LK4
TB284K2 TB285K3 TB286LK1 TB286LK2
TB287LK1 TB287LK1WH TB294K1 TB295LK1
TB295LK2 TB295LK3 TB296 TB296LK1
TB297LK3 TB297LK4 TB298LK1 TB300
TB303LK1 TB304LK1 TB304LK2 TB304LK3
TB304LK4 TB305LK1 TB306K3 TB306LK1
TB306LK3MI TB307K1 TB307LK1 TB307LK2
TB309LK1 TB312LK1 TB315LK1 TB317LK1
TB319LK1 TB319LK2 TB320LK1WH TB321
TB321LK1 TB321LK1MI TB323LK1 TB323LK2
TB324K1 TB328LK1 TB328LK2 TB328LK4
TB329LK1 TB330LK1 TB331K1 TB331LK1
TB331LK2 TB331LK3 TB333LK1 TB333LK1MI
TB335K1 TB335LK1 TB337LK1 TB340341LK1
TB342 TB342LK1 TB342LK1MI TB343
TB343K1 TB908 TB913K1 TB913LK1
TB914 TB918 TB918K1 TB918LK1
CK143LK1 CK157LK1 CK172LK1 CK172LK2
CK184LK1 CK184LK2 CK190LK1 CK193LK3
CK199LK1 CK200LK1 CK224LK1 CK224LK2
CK240LK1 CK240LK2 CK254LK1 CK254LK2
CK257LK1 CK257LK2 CK259LK1 CK265LK2
CK271LK1 CK286LK1 CK286LK2 CK287LK1
CK296LK1 CK298LK1 CK304LK4 CK306LK1
CK306LK2 CK306LK3 CK306LK4 CK307LK2
CK312LK1 CK315LK1 CK319LK1 CK319LK2
CK321LK1 CK329LK1 CK330LK1 CK331LK1
CK331LK2 CK334LK1 PP139LK1 PP139LK2
PP143LK1 PP143LK2 PP154LK1 PP157LK1
PP157LK2 PP172LK1 PP172LK2 PP184LK1
PP184LK2 PP184LK3 PP184LK4 PP186187LK1
PP190LK1 PP193LK1 PP193LK2 PP194LK1
PP195LK1 PP199LK1 PP199LK1WH PP199LK2
PP199LK2WH PP200LK1 PP200LK2 PP201LK2
PP211LK1 PP211LK2 PP215LK1 PP215LK2
PP216186LK1 PP218LK1 PP218LK1MI PP218LK2
PP219LK1 PP221LK2 PP224LK1 PP224LK2
PP224LK3 PP224LK4 PP224LK5 PP224LK6
PP226186LK2 PP240LK1 PP240LK2 PP244186LK1
PP245LK1 PP246LK1 PP252LK1 PP252LK2
PP252LK3 PP254LK1 PP254LK2 PP255LK1
PP257LK1 PP257LK2 PP257LK3 PP257LK4
PP259LK1 PP262LK1 PP262LK1WH PP262LK2
PP265LK2 PP265LK3 PP270LK1 PP270LK2
PP271LK1 PP271LK2 PP271LK3 PP271LK4
PP277LK1 PP277LK2 PP279280LK1 PP281LK1
PP283LK3 PP283LK4 PP286LK1 PP286LK2
PP286LK3 PP286LK4 PP287LK1 PP287LK1WH
PP295LK1 PP295LK2 PP295LK3 PP296LK1
PP297LK3 PP297LK4 PP297LK5 PP297LK6
PP298LK2 PP303LK1 PP304LK1 PP304LK4
PP304LK5 PP304LK6 PP305LK1 PP306LK1
PP307LK2 PP309LK1 PP312LK1 PP312LK2
PP315LK1 PP317LK1 PP317LK2 PP319LK1
PP319LK2 PP319LK3 PP321LK1 PP321LK1MI
PP321LK2 PP321LK2MI PP323LK1 PP323LK2
PP328LK1 PP328LK2 PP328LK3 PP328LK4
PP328LK5 PP328LK6 PP329LK1 PP329LK2
PP330LK1 PP331LK1 PP331LK2 PP331LK3
PP331LK4 PP333LK1 PP333LK1MI PP333LK2
PP334LK1 PP334LK1MI PP335LK1 PP337LK1
PP345LK1 PP922LK1 TB014K1 TB017K1
TB032K1 TB036K1 TB043K1 TB067K1
TB070K1 TB071K1 TB073K1 TB077K1
TB087K1 TB095K1 TB101K1 TB104K1
TB105K1 TB107293K1 TB107293K2 TB107293K3
TB113K1 TB114K1 TB117K1 TB121K1
TB122K1 TB124159K1 TB124K1 TB128K1
TB129K1 TB130K1 TB131K1 TB132K1
TB134K1 TB135K1 TB139K1 TB141K1
TB142K1 TB143K1 TB143LK2 TB144K1
TB145K1 TB146K1 TB147K1 TB152293K1
TB153K1 TB154K1 TB155159K1 TB157K1
TB157LK2 TB158159K1 TB158159K2 TB160K1
TB161K1 TB163K1 TB164K1 TB165168K1
TB165K1 TB166K1 TB167168K1 TB167168K2
TB169K1 TB170K1 TB171K1 TB172K1
TB173174K1 TB174198K1 TB176K1 TB177K1
TB178K1 TB179K1 TB181K1 TB182K1
TB183K2 TB184K1 TB184LK3 TB184LK4
TB185K3 TB186187K1 TB190K1 TB191K1
TB191K2 TB192K1 TB193K1 TB194K1
TB194K2 TB195K1 TB199LK2 TB199LK2WH
TB200K1 TB200LK2 TB201K1 TB201K2
TB204159K1 TB205K1 TB208K1 TB210K1
TB211K1 TB212K1 TB215K1 TB216186K1
TB218K1 TB218K2 TB219K1 TB220K1
TB221K1 TB223K1 TB224K1 TB224LK4
TB224LK5 TB226186K1 TB227K1 TB228K1
TB229168K1 TB230168K1 TB232168K1 TB233K1
TB234K1 TB235K1 TB236K1 TB237K1
TB239K1 TB240K1 TB241K1 TB242K1
TB242K3 TB244186K1 TB245K1 TB245K2
TB246K2 TB246K3 TB247K1 TB248K1
TB249K1 TB251K1 TB252K1 TB254K1
TB255K1 TB257K1 TB257K2 TB257LK3
TB257LK4 TB258K1 TB259K1 TB262K1
TB262K2 TB263K1 TB264K1 TB265K2
TB265K3 TB266K1 TB267K1 TB270K1
TB270K2 TB271K1 TB271LK3 TB271LK4
TB272K1 TB273K1 TB276K1 TB277K1
TB277K2 TB277LK1 TB278K1 TB279280K1
TB281K1 TB283K2 TB284K1 TB285K2
TB286K1 TB286LK3 TB286LK4 TB287K1
TB289K1 TB292K1 TB294K2 TB294K3
TB295K1 TB295K2 TB296K1 TB297K1
TB297K3 TB297K4 TB298K1 TB299300K1
TB302K1 TB303K1 TB304K1 TB305K1
TB306K1 TB306K2 TB306LK4 TB306LK4MI
TB308K1 TB309K1 TB312K1 TB312LK2
TB313314K1 TB315K1 TB316K2 TB317K2
TB318K1 TB319K1 TB320K1 TB321K1
TB322K1 TB323K1 TB328K1 TB328K2
TB328LK5 TB329K1 TB329LK2 TB330K1
TB331K2 TB332168K1 TB333K1 TB334K1
TB337K1 TB338K1 TB340341K1 TB342K1
TB345K1 TB345LK1 TB922K1 TB922LK1