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What could indicate a faulty alternator?

  • Vehicle's charge icon turns on while driving or stays on consistently
  • Headlights or dash lights dim while idling
  • Electrical failures
  • Difficulty starting or car stalls
  • Loose or rattling noises

What is an alternator?

The alternator is a major part of your vehicle’s electrical charging system. It turns mechanical energy from the engine into electrical energy, providing power to your lights, radio, battery, and the rest of the electrical system.

Symptoms of a bad or failing alternator:

  • Battery light is on
  • Growling or whining noise under the hood
  • Consistently needing a boost
  • Vehicle is stalling
  • Low electrical power (e.g. dim or flickering lights)

If your alternator is not functioning properly, your car may not be getting all the electrical power it needs, leading to dim or flickering lights, or a drained battery that is unable to start your car the next time you need it to. Eventually your vehicle may be completely unable to run.

The alternator plays a critical role in your vehicle’s operation. If you notice any of these symptoms in your vehicle, you and your passengers may be at risk of being stranded by a car that no operates.

The Wrench Monkey sells brand name starters from such manufacturers as TYC, Remy, and Bosch. Fast, reliable, and convenient, we are here to serve our customers with high-quality products that will get your vehicle back to running the way it should.

Quality & Design:

  • Designed to withstand difficult heat and electrical requirements
  • Extreme high efficiency and long-lasting durability
  • Direct fit for all makes and models of cars, trucks, and SUVs
  • Sound tested to ensure quiet operation

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