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Signs Your Vehicle Needs Struts:

  • Creaking or clunking noises from the suspension
  • Steering and handling problems
  • Premature or uneven tire wear
  • Damaged, oily strut body

When the suspension on your vehicle starts to wear down or showing signs of irreparable damage, a strut replacement may be necessary. Having a properly functioning suspension system is an undeniable necessity, and without it you could be putting yourself in harms way.

To help you, The Wrench Monkey carries some of the best struts on the market, by world quality manufacuters such as Monroe and KYB!

Product Features:

  • Built for a long life and superior performance
  • Full metal build
  • Improves overall passenger comfort
  • Ready to install
  • Designed to fit your vehicle

We guarantee that our strut assemblies are easy to install and will keep your vehicle’s suspension safe for many years to come. To determine which is the right fit your specific vehicle, take advantage of our easy-to-use online lookup catalogue above! Formore information on our products, contact us now!