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Complete Strut Assembly Kits

Browse our selection of complete strut assembly kits for your vehicle from Monroe Strut Assemblies, KYB Strut Assemblies

Car & Truck Complete Strut Assembly

The Wrench Monkey has the best strut assembly kits on the market today!
Let us help you find the best match for your vehicle.

Signs Your Vehicle Needs a Complete Strut Assembly:

  • Creaking or clunking noises from the suspension
  • Steering and handling problems
  • Premature or uneven tire wear
  • Damaged, oily shocks

Alternators are an important part of your vehicle's engine, powering the electrical system and helping to charge the battery while the engine is running. When your lights begin to flicker, your car stalls at random, or other electrical components begin to fail, it’s time to seek out with a replacement and buy a DNS, Remy or Bosch alternator.

Here at The Wrench Monkey, we have one of the greatest selection of alternator brands to buy. Alternators must be a perfect fit with the make and model of your vehicle, which is why wecarry all the top of the line products from the industry's best brands.

Product Features:

  • Designed to withstand difficult heat and electrical requirements
  • Extreme high efficiency
  • Outstanding durability

Quality & Design:

  • Manufacture with the latest quality standards and technology
  • Sound Tested to ensure quiet operation

Our Remy alternators, WPS alternators, DNS alternators are easy to install and will get your vehicle running the way it should. Avoid electrical issues and stay on the road with The Wrench Monkey’s car alternators. Browse our selection through our online lookup tool to get matched with the perfect alternator for your vehicle, or contact us today!