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Complete Strut Assembly Kits

Symptoms of a Worn or Failing Strut Assembly Kit

- “Trampoline” like Ride, Loose Suspension Over Hills

- Clunking or Clicking Noise when Turning the Vehicle or Going Over Bumps

- Suspension Feels Rough or Unstable

- Front of the Vehicle is Sagging on One Side

What is a Complete Strut Assembly Kit?

Most modern passenger cars have a suspension system that uses a combination of shocks and struts. Most commonly, shock absorbers are used in the rear of the vehicle, while strut assemblies are used in the front.

Complete Strut Assembly Kits are manufactured and sold with the strut, strut mount, strut boot, and coil spring pre-assembled together into one ready-to-install unit.

How Long Should Complete Strut Assembly Kits Last?

Since the complete assembly includes multiple parts, there are a few different components that may wear out or become damaged. Most vehicle’s struts are filled with hydraulic fluid and/or nitrogen gas, and over time these can leak out through cracked or worn seals. The boot may crack and begin to let in dirt and debris. The bearing inside the strut mount can come loose or become damaged due to an impact, corrosion, or normal wear and tear. If any of these things occur, you will likely notice a change in your vehicle’s suspension, ride height, and handling.

Because there are so many variables, there is no real guideline for how long a suspension strut assembly should last. It is recommended that you take a look at your vehicle’s struts any time the other front end components are being inspected, like tie rod ends, stabilizer bar links, and ball joints. Most of the time when a strut fails you will begin to notice a change in the steering and ride quality.

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