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How To Install a Clutch Kit

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The Expert Suppliers of automotive Clutch Kits

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What could indicate that a clutch may need replacing?

  • Clutch slipping or not engaging properly
  • Clunking sound while pushing the clutch pedal
More on Clutch Replacement

A slipping or shuddering clutch, or when you hear a clunking sound while pushing the clutch pedal in, might indicate that needs replacing. Neglecting or ignoring strange sound hinders vehicle performance, could potentially end up destroying your vehicle's transmission.

A good quality clutch kit helps to create a gradual engagement between a non-spinning transmission and the rotating engine. The clutch is essential for a proper functioning of your car or truck equipped with a manual transmission. This type of system allows for smooth change of gears when driving a vehicle.

Most of our kits include: clutch disc, pressure plate, release bearing, and an alignment tool. (concentric slave cylinder are also included where applicable)

The Wrench Monkey is your best source to find high quality, durable clutch kits. Whether you want to buy a standard or performance clutch kit, we will help you find the best type to suit your needs. Finding high quality automotive clutches from our wide range of products has never been easier. We offer ceramic, organic, single, twin and triple stage clutches available to order from our online catalogue for your convenience.

Make us your top source when shopping for high quality, durable: clutches, clutch master and slave cylinders, as well as other related parts.

Product Features:

  • Superb Wear and Friction Performance
  • Increased Recoverability and Heat Resistance
  • Increased Holding Capacity
  • Ideal Clutch for High Powered Applications
  • Multi-level Product Lines
  • Alignment Tool included on most kits, providing for easy installation

Quality & Design:

  • Manufactured and engineered to O.E. (Original Equipment) tolerances and specifications
  • Designed with the latest technology and the highest quality materials
  • Guaranteed Durability
  • Full-faced pressure Plate for Smooth Functioning
  • Guaranteed holding capacity for maximum performance
  • Alignment Tool included on most kits, providing for easy installation
  • Fast and Free Shipping

Shop through our selection of top quality clutch kit products at affordable price from such well-known brands as AMS Automotive, Exedy, Aisin, and LUK.

Choose directly from our online product list, or find your clutch by your vehicle's make, model and year in our easy-to-use online catalogue.Shop with confidence at The Wrench Monkey!