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Shock Absorbers

Get the Best Brands & Save on Shock Absorbers from Monroe Shocks, KYB Shocks

Shock Absorbers

The Wrench Monkey offers the best variety of shock absorbers in Canada for when your vehicle needs a tune up.

Do You Need New Shock Absorbers?

Signs your vehicle is in need of new shock absorbers includes:

  • Road bumps and dips create an excessive car shaking
  • Excessive car vibrations
  • Car nose drives or squats
  • Tire scalloping or cupping

Shock absorbers, sometimes referred to simply as "shocks", are an unsung hero of a smooth car ride, and rarely go noticed until they are damaged or faulty. Shock absorbers keep your vehicle from bouncing while driving, and ensure that any speed bumps or dips in the road don't completely throw your vehicle off course. When worn down or faulty however, you'll notice your vehicle may respond differently, becoming excessively shaky or vibrating as you drive.

The Wrench Monkey knows how important it is for your vehicle to have lasting shock absorbers ‐ your road safety depends on it! This is why we carry an outstanding selection of the top brands in the country, including Monroe shock absorbers and KYB shock absorbers.

Product Features:

  • High efficiency designs
  • Durable design and lifespan
  • Restores natural driving rhythm
  • Designed to withstand heavy use

Whether you choose Monroe shock absorbers, KYB shock absorbers, or another one of our great brands, you’ll notice an immediate difference with new shock absorbers. Use our great online tool to get matched with the perfect product for your make and model of vehicle, or contact us directly for more information!