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Standard Motor Products is a leader in providing a premium line of engine management products. When the OE part fails, we have the replacement parts offering high tech designs with perfect fit and perfect performance. With over 32,000 part numbers to choose from, they offer outstanding coverage for all cars and trucks.

Standard Motor Products manufactures almost all the high technology critical components for late model vehicles, including distributorless ignition system (DIS) control modules; oxygen sensors; exhaust gas recirculation (EGR) valves; high energy and coil-on-plug coils; fuel injectors and pressure regulators; a wide range of anti-lock brake, temperature, camshaft, crankshaft, knock, MAP and throttle position sensors; and remanufactured on-board computers and mass air flow sensors.

Because today's cars and trucks are highly computer controlled to reduce emissions, to maximize fuel economy and improve consumer comfort, Standard is committed to being the best, and is dedicated to spending more on research and development, as well as, upgrading and expanding its product line.