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FEL-PRO 16312 - Engine Timing Cover Repair Sleeve Tool

FEL-PRO 16312 - Engine Timing Cover Repair Sleeve Tool Product image
FEL-PRO 16312 - Engine Timing Cover Repair Sleeve Tool Product image
FEL-PRO 16312 - Engine Timing Cover Repair Sleeve Tool image
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Brand: FEL-PRO
Stock #: 16312
Condition: New
1 Year Warranty
UPC: 00084113860218
In Stock
$54.19 CAD
AM General DJ5 1972-1974AM General FJ8 1973-1974AM General Hummer 1995-1995American Motors Ambassador 1965-1971American Motors American 1964-1968American Motors AMX 1978-1980American Motors Classic 1964-1966American Motors Concord 1978-1983American Motors Eagle 1980-1988American Motors Gremlin 1970-1978American Motors Hornet 1970-1977American Motors Javelin 1968-1974American Motors Marlin 1965-1967American Motors Matador 1971-1978American Motors Pacer 1975-1980American Motors Rambler 1969-1969American Motors Rebel 1967-1970American Motors Spirit 1979-1983Avanti II 1965-1991Bizzarrini GT America 1965-1969Bizzarrini GT Strada 5300 1965-1969Buick Apollo 1973-1975Buick Century 1977-2005Buick Commercial Chassis 1991-1996Buick LeSabre 1978-1982Buick Regal 1977-1996Buick Rendezvous 2002-2005Buick Roadmaster 1991-1996Buick Skyhawk 1982-1989Buick Skylark 1968-1998Buick Somerset 1986-1987Buick Somerset Regal 1985-1985Buick Special 1968-1969Cadillac Brougham 1990-1992Cadillac Cimarron 1982-1988Cadillac Commercial Chassis 1992-1996Cadillac Fleetwood 1993-1996Checker A11 1970-1974Checker A11E 1970-1974Checker Aerobus 1966-1974Checker Deluxe 1969-1970Checker Marathon 1964-1982Checker Taxicab 1969-1974Chevrolet 3A 1959-1959Chevrolet 3B 1959-1959Chevrolet 3C 1959-1959Chevrolet 3D 1959-1959Chevrolet 3E 1959-1959Chevrolet 3F 1959-1959Chevrolet 3G 1959-1959Chevrolet Astro 1985-1994Chevrolet B60 1980-1990Chevrolet Bel Air 1955-1981Chevrolet Beretta 1987-1996Chevrolet Biscayne 1958-1972Chevrolet Blazer 1969-1994Chevrolet Brookwood 1959-1972Chevrolet C10 1975-1986Chevrolet C10 Panel 1963-1967Chevrolet C10 Pickup 1960-1974Chevrolet C10 Suburban 1967-1986Chevrolet C1500 1988-1995Chevrolet C1500 Suburban 1992-1995Chevrolet C20 1975-1986Chevrolet C20 Panel 1967-1967Chevrolet C20 Pickup 1960-1974Chevrolet C20 Suburban 1967-1986Chevrolet C2500 1988-1995Chevrolet C2500 Suburban 1992-1995Chevrolet C30 1975-1986Chevrolet C30 Panel 1963-1966Chevrolet C30 Pickup 1960-1974Chevrolet C3500 1988-1995Chevrolet C3500HD 1991-1995Chevrolet C40 1960-1962Chevrolet C50 1960-1990Chevrolet C60 1968-1990Chevrolet C70 1979-1986Chevrolet Camaro 1967-1997Chevrolet Caprice 1966-1996Chevrolet Cavalier 1982-2002Chevrolet Celebrity 1982-1990Chevrolet Chevelle 1964-1973Chevrolet Chevy II 1962-1968Chevrolet Citation 1980-1983Chevrolet Citation II 1984-1985Chevrolet Commercial Chassis 1991-1994Chevrolet Corsica 1987-1996Chevrolet Corvette 1955-1996Chevrolet Del Ray 1957-1958Chevrolet El Camino 1959-1987Chevrolet Equinox 2005-2009Chevrolet Estate 1969-1970Chevrolet G10 1975-1995Chevrolet G10 Van 1964-1974Chevrolet G20 1975-1995Chevrolet G20 Van 1967-1974Chevrolet G30 1975-1995Chevrolet G30 Van 1970-1974Chevrolet Impala 1958-2005Chevrolet K10 1975-1986Chevrolet K10 Pickup 1960-1974Chevrolet K10 Suburban 1967-1986Chevrolet K1500 1988-1995Chevrolet K1500 Suburban 1992-1995Chevrolet K20 1975-1986Chevrolet K20 Panel 1967-1967Chevrolet K20 Pickup 1960-1974Chevrolet K20 Suburban 1967-1986Chevrolet K2500 1988-1995Chevrolet K2500 Suburban 1992-1995Chevrolet K30 1977-1986Chevrolet K30 Pickup 1968-1974Chevrolet K3500 1988-1995Chevrolet K5 Blazer 1975-1986Chevrolet Kingswood 1959-1972Chevrolet Laguna 1973-1976Chevrolet LLV 1987-1995Chevrolet Lumina 1990-2001Chevrolet Lumina APV 1990-1996Chevrolet Malibu 1964-2003Chevrolet Monte Carlo 1970-2005Chevrolet Monza 1975-1980Chevrolet Nomad 1955-1961Chevrolet Nova 1969-1979Chevrolet One-Fifty Series 1955-1957Chevrolet P10 1975-1980Chevrolet P10 Series 1961-1967Chevrolet P10 Van 1968-1974Chevrolet P20 1975-1989Chevrolet P20 Series 1961-1967Chevrolet P20 Van 1968-1974Chevrolet P30 1975-1995Chevrolet P30 Series 1961-1967Chevrolet P30 Van 1968-1974Chevrolet P40 1979-1988Chevrolet P60 1986-1989Chevrolet Parkwood 1959-1961Chevrolet R10 1987-1987Chevrolet R10 Suburban 1987-1988Chevrolet R1500 Suburban 1989-1991Chevrolet R20 1987-1988Chevrolet R20 Suburban 1987-1988Chevrolet R2500 1989-1989Chevrolet R2500 Suburban 1989-1991Chevrolet R30 1987-1988Chevrolet R3500 1989-1991Chevrolet S10 1982-2003Chevrolet S10 Blazer 1983-1994Chevrolet Sedan Delivery 1955-1958Chevrolet Suburban 1960-1966Chevrolet Tahoe 1995-1995Chevrolet Townsman 1969-1972Chevrolet Truck 1955-1960Chevrolet Two-Ten Series 1955-1957Chevrolet V10 1987-1987Chevrolet V10 Suburban 1987-1988Chevrolet V1500 Suburban 1989-1991Chevrolet V20 1987-1987Chevrolet V20 Suburban 1987-1988Chevrolet V2500 Suburban 1989-1991Chevrolet V30 1987-1988Chevrolet V3500 1989-1991Chevrolet Venture 1997-2005Chevrolet W4500 Tiltmaster 1993-1995Chevrolet Yeoman 1958-1958Dodge Dakota 1996-2002Eagle Premier 1988-1989Excalibur Limited 1993-1993Excalibur Phaeton 1965-1989Ford 300 1963-1963Ford Bronco 1966-1974Ford Club Wagon 1962-1967Ford Country Sedan 1960-1970Ford Country Squire 1960-1970Ford E-100 Econoline 1969-1971Ford E-200 Econoline 1969-1971Ford E-300 Econoline 1969-1970Ford Econoline 1961-1967Ford Fairlane 1962-1969Ford Fairmont 1978-1983Ford Falcon 1960-1970Ford Falcon Sedan Delivery 1961-1965Ford Ford 300 1963-1963Ford Galaxie 1963-1963Ford Galaxie 500 1963-1963Ford Granada 1975-1982Ford LTD 1983-1983Ford Maverick 1970-1977Ford Mustang 1964-1982Ford P-100 1960-1970Ford P-350 1961-1970Ford Ranch Wagon 1960-1970Ford Ranchero 1960-1968Ford Sprint 1963-1964Ford Station Bus 1962-1965Ford Thunderbird 1980-1982Ford Torino 1968-1968GMC 1000 1966-1966GMC 1000 Series 1960-1965GMC 1500 1966-1966GMC 1500 Series 1960-1965GMC 2500 1966-1966GMC 2500 Series 1960-1965GMC 3000 1960-1966GMC 3500 1960-1966GMC B6000 1980-1990GMC C15 1975-1978GMC C15 Suburban 1975-1978GMC C15/C1500 Pickup 1967-1974GMC C15/C1500 Suburban 1967-1974GMC C1500 1979-1995GMC C1500 Suburban 1979-1995GMC C25 1975-1978GMC C25 Suburban 1975-1978GMC C25/C2500 Pickup 1967-1974GMC C25/C2500 Suburban 1967-1974GMC C2500 1979-1995GMC C2500 Suburban 1979-1995GMC C35 1975-1978GMC C35/C3500 Pickup 1967-1974GMC C3500 1979-1995GMC C3500HD 1991-1995GMC C5000 1979-1990GMC C6000 1979-1990GMC C7000 1979-1979GMC Caballero 1978-1987GMC G1000 Series 1963-1966GMC G15 1975-1978GMC G15/G1500 Van 1967-1974GMC G1500 1979-1995GMC G25 1975-1978GMC G25/G2500 Van 1967-1974GMC G2500 1979-1995GMC G35 1975-1978GMC G35/G3500 Van 1970-1974GMC G3500 1979-1995GMC I1000 1964-1966GMC I1500 1965-1966GMC I2500 1965-1966GMC I3500 1966-1966GMC Jimmy 1970-1994GMC K15 1975-1978GMC K15 Suburban 1975-1978GMC K15/K1500 Pickup 1967-1974GMC K15/K1500 Suburban 1967-1974GMC K1500 1979-1995GMC K1500 Suburban 1979-1995GMC K25 1975-1978GMC K25 Suburban 1975-1978GMC K25/K2500 Pickup 1967-1974GMC K25/K2500 Suburban 1967-1974GMC K2500 1979-1995GMC K2500 Suburban 1979-1995GMC K35 1977-1978GMC K35/K3500 Pickup 1968-1974GMC K3500 1979-1995GMC LI3500 1966-1967GMC P1000 1966-1966GMC P15 1975-1978GMC P15/P1500 Van 1967-1974GMC P1500 1979-1980GMC P25 1975-1978GMC P25/P2500 Van 1967-1974GMC P2500 1979-1989GMC P35 1975-1978GMC P35/P3500 Van 1967-1974GMC P3500 1979-1995GMC P4500 1979-1988GMC P6000 1984-1990GMC PB1000 Series 1963-1966GMC PB15 Series 1966-1966GMC PB1500 Series 1963-1965GMC PB25 Series 1966-1966GMC PB2500 Series 1963-1965GMC PB2500 Van 1966-1966GMC PB3500 Van 1966-1966GMC R1500 1987-1987GMC R1500 Suburban 1987-1991GMC R2500 1987-1989GMC R2500 Suburban 1987-1991GMC R3500 1987-1991GMC S15 1982-1990GMC S15 Jimmy 1983-1991GMC Safari 1985-1994GMC Sonoma 1991-2003GMC Sprint 1971-1977GMC Suburban 1960-1966GMC Syclone 1991-1991GMC Truck 1960-1960GMC Typhoon 1992-1993GMC V1500 1987-1987GMC V1500 Suburban 1987-1991GMC V2500 1987-1987GMC V2500 Suburban 1987-1991GMC V3500 1987-1991GMC Yukon 1992-1995Gordon-Keeble GK1 1964-1967Gordon-Keeble IT 1964-1967International 100 1974-1974International 1000D 1969-1970International 1010 1971-1973International 1100D 1969-1970International 1110 1971-1973International 1200D 1969-1970International 1210 1971-1973International 1300D 1969-1970International 1310 1971-1973International 200 1974-1974International M1100 1969-1972International M1200 1969-1972International M1400 1969-1969International M800 1969-1971International M800 Navy 1969-1969International M800 Post Office 1969-1972International MA1200 1969-1971International MHC1310 1974-1974International MS1210 1972-1974International Scout 1969-1970International Scout II 1971-1974Iso Grifo 1965-1974Iso Lele 1969-1974Iso Rivolta 1963-1970Iso S4 Fidia 1967-1974Isuzu Hombre 1996-2000Isuzu NPR 1993-1995Isuzu Pickup 1991-1994Isuzu Rodeo 1991-1992Isuzu Trooper 1989-1991Jeep Cherokee 1974-2001Jeep CJ5 1971-1983Jeep CJ6 1971-1975Jeep CJ7 1976-1986Jeep Comanche 1986-1992Jeep Commando 1972-1973Jeep DJ5 1972-1983Jeep Gladiator 1965-1969Jeep Grand Cherokee 1993-2004Jeep Grand Wagoneer 1984-1986Jeep J-100 1965-1973Jeep J-2500 1965-1973Jeep J-2600 1965-1973Jeep J-2700 1965-1970Jeep J-2800 1965-1968Jeep J-3500 1965-1970Jeep J-3600 1965-1970Jeep J-3700 1965-1970Jeep J-3800 1965-1971Jeep J-4500 1970-1973Jeep J-4600 1970-1973Jeep J-4700 1970-1973Jeep J-4800 1970-1973Jeep J10 1974-1987Jeep J20 1974-1976Jeep Scrambler 1981-1985Jeep TJ 1997-2006Jeep Wagoneer 1965-1990Jeep Wrangler 1987-2006Mercury Caliente 1964-1967Mercury Capri 1966-1982Mercury Comet 1960-1977Mercury Cougar 1980-1982Mercury Country Cruiser 1963-1963Mercury Cyclone 1964-1964Mercury Marquis 1983-1983Mercury Meteor 1961-1963Mercury Monarch 1975-1977Mercury Montego 1968-1968Mercury Villager 1962-1967Mercury Voyager 1966-1967Mercury Zephyr 1978-1983Oldsmobile Achieva 1994-1998Oldsmobile Alero 1999-2004Oldsmobile Bravada 1991-1992Oldsmobile Calais 1985-1987Oldsmobile Custom Cruiser 1977-1992Oldsmobile Cutlass 1968-1999Oldsmobile Cutlass Calais 1978-1991Oldsmobile Cutlass Ciera 1982-1996Oldsmobile Cutlass Cruiser 1980-1994Oldsmobile Cutlass Salon 1978-1980Oldsmobile Cutlass Supreme 1975-1997Oldsmobile Delta 88 1977-1982Oldsmobile F85 1966-1971Oldsmobile Firenza 1982-1988Oldsmobile Omega 1973-1984Oldsmobile Silhouette 1990-2004Oldsmobile Starfire 1977-1980Pontiac 6000 1982-1991Pontiac Acadian 1962-1971Pontiac Astre 1977-1977Pontiac Aztek 2001-2005Pontiac Beaumont 1964-1969Pontiac Bonneville 1983-1986Pontiac Catalina 1977-1981Pontiac Fiero 1984-1988Pontiac Firebird 1970-1997Pontiac Grand Am 1978-2005Pontiac Grand LeMans 1975-1983Pontiac Grand Prix 1978-2003Pontiac J2000 1982-1983Pontiac J2000 Sunbird 1984-1985Pontiac Laurentian 1955-1981Pontiac LeMans 1964-1981Pontiac Montana 1999-2005Pontiac Parisienne 1959-1986Pontiac Pathfinder 1955-1958Pontiac Phoenix 1977-1984Pontiac Strato-Chief 1958-1970Pontiac Sunbird 1977-1994Pontiac Sunfire 1995-2002Pontiac Tempest 1964-1991Pontiac Torrent 2006-2009Pontiac Trans Sport 1990-1999Pontiac Ventura 1971-1977Studebaker Commander 1965-1966Studebaker Cruiser 1965-1966Studebaker Daytona 1965-1966Studebaker Wagonaire 1966-1966Toyota 4Runner 1984-1994Toyota Celica 1975-1985Toyota Corona 1975-1982Toyota Pickup 1975-1994
Country of Origin (Primary)US
Emission Code 1
Harmonized Tariff Code (HTS)3926909980
Remanufactured PartN
MSDS Required FlagN
Feature 1Meets or exceeds all original equipment specifications
Feature 4Unsurpassed quality you can trust
Feature 3Engineered and manufactured specifically for the repair environment
Feature 5Validated for fit, form, and function
Feature 2Application specific design to ensure a perfect fit


Fel-Pro® gaskets offer 100% vehicle sealing with application-specific materials to give you sealing solutions with the performance and durability professionals trust

  • ASM: 1988-1983 AMC L4 150CI 2.5L; 1983-1980 AMC L4 151CI 2.5L Pontiac; 1970-1965 AMC L6 199CI 3.3L; 1979-1964 AMC L6 232CI 3.8L; 1988-1971 AMC L6 258CI 4.2L; 1984-1983 AMG L/D L4 150CI 2.5L; 1983-1980 AMG L/D L4 151CI 2.5L Pontiac; 1978-1972 AMG L/D L6 232CI 3