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Arnott C-2529 - Air Spring to Coil Spring Conversion Kit

Arnott Rear Coil Spring Conversion Kit w/EBM

Brand: Arnott
Stock #: C2529
Condition: New
Weigh: 43.91 lb.(19.96 kg.)
Dimensions: 10" x 31" x 16.5" (25.4 cm x 78.7 cm x 41.9 cm)
In Stock
$599.36 CAD

  • This new coil spring conversion kit was exclusively designed for the Lincoln Navigator and Ford Expedition. The conversion kit converts the air suspension on the rear of these luxury SUV to a more reliable coil spring/strut combination. These aftermarket springs are designed to maintain the factory-intended trim height. This kit features the highest-quality replacement components including powder-coated US-made steel coil springs and custom-tuned shocks. To maximize efficiency and safety, Arnott's coil spring kit is preassembled and ready for easy installation, eliminating the need for the use of a dangerous spring compressor. No special tools are required. This air-to-steel spring suspension kit also includes Arnott's new patents pending Electronic Byp
Origin CountryUS
Weight43.91Lb. (19.96 kg.)
Dimensions10" x 31" x 16.5" (25.4 cm x 78.7 cm x 41.9 cm)
Lifetime Warranty - (Air Compressors 2 Years)