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As part of the Aisin Family, which is a Japanese corporation partly owned by Toyota Group of families, ADVICS has been manufacturing brake pads for three decades from advanced ceramic friction technology. ADVICS is now offering United States made disc brake rotors for some applications and is also the OE supplier for certain applications. With minimal pad wear, quiet performance, and consistent pedal feel, their brake pads help your vehicle exhibit powerful breaking performance.

Brake pads also comply with the Copper-Free Brake Initiative, using copper-free materials, to help limit the amount of toxic metals that end up in the environment.

Designed for an OE application and designed to work in combination with the brake pads, their disc brake rotors are application specific and designed for Asian and domestic vehicles. The rotors include certified high carbon context, evenly distributed through the steel for fade resistance, heat diffusion, and for optimal braking performance.

All ADVICS hydraulic products, such as brake master cylinders, wheel cylinders, and brake boosters, are built with OE-quality standards for optimal performance and safety. Their synthetic brake fluid is also designed and tested by OEMs, and delivers the aftermarket’s leading performance for for wet and dry boiling points in both DOT 3 and DOT 4 LV formulations for disc, drum and ABS systems.

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