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Ball Joints

Ball Joints from Moog, Mevotech, and 555

Ball Joints

What are the Symptoms of a Bad Ball Joint?

- Banging or Clunking Noises Coming from the Wheel, Especially Over Bumps

- Difficult Steering, or Vehicle Pulling to One Side

- Uneven or Feathered Tire Wear

- Looseness and Play When Moving the Wheel Up and Down

What is a Ball Joint?

Ball joints are an important part of your vehicle’s suspension, connecting the control arm to the steering knuckle. The ball-and-socket design allows the wheel to move in all directions, assisting your vehicle’s steering and shock-absorption.

Ball joints are made to last a long time, but they do become loose and wear out over extended periods. The grease contained inside the ball joint that allows the ball to move freely in its socket can leak out, or dirt and grime can slip in past the seal, causing the ball joint to stop functioning properly.

When a ball joint begins to have problems, the overall feel of your vehicle’s steering and suspension can start to deteriorate. If you are hearing loud banging or clunking noises from a wheel, or notice your vehicle pulling to one side, it might be time to replace one or more ball joint.

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