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Steering Racks from Cardone Industries

Rack and Pinion Assemblies

Signs that a Steering Rack needs to be Replaced

- Fluid Leaking from the Steering Rack

- Steering Wheel Shaking or Vibrating at High Speeds

- Excessive Play or Looseness in the Steering Wheel

- Clunking or Grinding Noise When Steering

- Tight Steering Wheel

What is a Steering Rack?

The steering rack is what takes the circular motion of the steering wheel and turns it into the lateral motion that moves the vehicle’s wheels left and right. The rack connects to the wheels on each end using inner and outer tie rod ends. Steering racks commonly come as a complete assembly that includes the inner tie rod ends.

Most steering racks are durable and made to last a long time, however over the years they can wear down or develop leaks. Eventually this may compromise the vehicle’s ability to steer safely, causing it to become either too loose or too tight, or becoming “vague” instead of steering accurately. If this happens, the steering rack will need to be replaced.

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