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Brake Drums

Brake Drums from Raybestos and Eurorotor

Brake Drums

Signs That A Brake Drum Needs to be Replaced:

- Scraping, Grinding, or Other Abnormal Noises When Braking

- A Pulsing or Vibrating Feeling in the Brake Pedal

- Parking Brake is Loose or Will Not Hold

What is a Brake Drum?

A brake drum is a component of a braking system used in the rear of many vehicles, that causes friction by pressing a set of brake shoes outward against a rotating drum, in order to slow down the vehicle. Similar to disc brake rotors, this friction will eventually cause the brake drums and shoes to wear out, requiring them to be replaced.

If you encounter any of these symptoms on a vehicle, it may be time to replace the brake drums. Over time, friction and heat can warp the drum, affecting how much contact area the drum has with the brake shoes, diminishing your vehicle’s braking performance and safety.

When replacing worn brake drums, it is strongly recommended that you replace the other surrounding brake components as well: drum brake hardware, brake shoes, and if necessary, wheel cylinders. Replacing these parts together can be much more beneficial to braking performance than replacing only one.

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