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Engine Air Filters

Air Filters from Fram, Bosch, and K&N

Engine Air Filters

Symptoms of a Failing Engine Air Filter:

- Air Filter Full of Dirt/Debris

- Decreased Gas Mileage

- Decreased Engine Performance

- A Misfiring or Jerking Engine

How long does a car’s engine air filter last?

Engine air filters are designed to deliver clean air to your vehicle’s engine. As it filters the outside air in it will become clogged with dust and dirt, allowing less clean air to be drawn into the engine.

Like most other filters (for example, the cabin air filter which filters the air that flows into your vehicle’s interior) the engine air filter is a normal part of vehicle maintenance that needs to be changed at regular intervals. This usually means every 25,000 - 50,000 km, depending on air quality and driving conditions. Refer to your vehicle’s manual for maintenance schedules.

By installing a new engine air filter, your engine will receive more clean air, increasing its performance and fuel efficiency, and reducing wear and tear. Failing to replace a dirty filter can potentially lead to major damage to your vehicle’s engine.

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