TYC 4544 - A/C Condenser

TYC 4544 - A/C Condenser Product image TYC 4544 - A/C Condenser Product image

TYC A/C Condenser

$122.61 CAD
In Stock
Brand: TYC
Stock #: 4544
Condition: New
Weight: 11.65 lb.(5.29 kg.)
Dimensions: 37" x 18.5" x 4.3" (94 cm x 47 cm x 11 cm)

All TYC manufacturing facilities and distribution centers are TS14969/ISO9001:2008 certified.

TYC automotive products are designed to meet or exceed your expectations; from purchasing quality raw materials through design and engineering to production and delivery, and through (most importantly) customer-oriented after sales service.

TYC products are backed by uncompromising quality, and a commitment to improve and exceed our customers' expectations; that's the TYC promise.

TYC's commitment to quality and efficiency enables us to achieve production capacities well above average; while maintaining a low defective rate. The combination of these creates a product that is highly regarded by discerning, quality-conscious customers.

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