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Arnott VB3427

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Air Suspension Solenoid Valve Unit

Brand: Arnott
Stock #: VB3427
Condition: New
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$399.83 CAD

  • VB-3427 is a new Air Suspension Solenoid Valve Block from Arnott for the 2014-2019 Mercedes-Benz S-Class (W222 Chassis) with or without 4MATIC, including AMG & Hybrid models. The valve block is a direct replacement for the vehicle's failing OE valve block. An air suspension solenoid valve block distributes air from the compressor to the air springs and air struts. Over time, valve block O-rings can dry rot and leak air causing the compressor to overwork or allow moisture to degrade the electrical solenoids components.
Origin CountryCN
Lifetime Warranty - (Air Compressors 2 Years)
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