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Clutch Master Cylinders

Master Cylinders from AMS Automotive and Dorman

Clutch Master Cylinders

Signs of a Faulty Clutch Master Cylinder

- Fluid Leaking from the Cylinder

- Low, Dirty, or Contaminated Clutch Fluid

- Hard to Shift Gears

- Clutch Pedal Sinks to the Floor

- Soft or Spongy Clutch Pedal

What is a Clutch Master Cylinder?

When the clutch pedal is pressed on a vehicle with a manual transmission, fluid flows from the clutch master cylinder to the slave cylinder, generating enough hydraulic pressure to disengage the clutch. When the pedal is released, fluid flows the opposite direction, reengaging the clutch.

Internal and external seals in the clutch master cylinder are susceptible to wearing out over time and use, which may allow the fluid inside to leak. If too much fluid leaks out, the master cylinder may not be able to engage the clutch sufficiently, affecting the driver’s ability to use the clutch and shift gears.

The clutch master cylinder is a critical component that needs to be in good working condition in order to operate the vehicle effectively and safely. If you notice any of the above symptoms, it may be time to replace the master cylinder.

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