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Automotive Tail Lights

Tail Light Assemblies from TYC and Dorman

Automotive Tail Lights

Tail light assemblies are a critical safety component on any vehicle. They signal to other drivers when a vehicle is braking. It is a legal requirement of every vehicle on the road to have fully functioning tail lights, so having one that is not functioning properly can lead to being pulled over and ticketed. Even more importantly, having a broken or malfunctioning tail light can increase the risk of being in a serious collision.

A cracked or broken tail light lens can worsen over time, until the tail lights no longer work safely, so it is important to change the assembly as soon as a problem is noticed. Tail light assemblies typically include the housing, lens, and wiring harness, everything you need to repair the tail light to original quality.

Manufacturers such as TYC offer different levels of tail light certification. Generally, these come as standard, NSF certified, or CAPA certified. All three have same fit and design specifications, and all three feature high-quality headlights that pass federal safety standards. However, they are certified by different safety institutions: NSF and CAPA are organizations that help guarantee the safety and quality of automotive parts.

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