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CV Axle Assemblies

CV Axle Shafts from Cardone Industries

CV Axle Assemblies

Symptoms of a Bad CV Axle Assembly

- Damaged or Torn CV Boot

- Grease Leaking from the Boot

- Loud Knocking or Clicking Noises when Turning

- Vibrations Coming from the Axle

- Clunking Noise when Changing Gears

What is a CV Axle Assembly?

A Constant Velocity (CV) Axle, sometimes called a CV Drive Axle or CV Axle Shaft, is a drivetrain component that transfers power from the engine to the wheels, causing the wheels to rotate and the vehicle to move forward or backward.

Axle assemblies have a CV joint on either end of the axle shaft, which allow the shaft to turn and move with the wheels. These joints are protected by boots that keep the lubricating grease in, and dirt out. If the boot tears, grease can leak out or dirt can get in, both of which can damage the CV Joint.

Because of all the torque and stress being applied in order to power the wheels, the CV Axle Assembly can begin to wear out over time, and the may require replacement to restore the vehicle to a road-worthy condition.

CV Axles can be new or remanufactured. If remanufactured, there will likely be a core deposit in addition to the price of the part. Click Here to learn more about core returns.

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