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Exterior Door Handles

Door Handles from Dorman

Exterior Door Handles

The purpose of a door handle is to unlatch and open the door, whether from the inside or the outside. When the handle is pulled, mechanical linkage inside the door pulls on the latch, allowing it to open. Because door handles are used so frequently, particularly on the driver’s door, they can begin to wear out over long periods of time. If the handle stops working completely, the door may not open at all, which can be very inconvenient and potentially unsafe.

Door handles can be found on the interior and exterior of most doors, including the back hatches of many SUVs, minivans, or wagons. If a vehicle’s door will not open or close properly, or if the handle is loose, it may be time to replace the interior or exterior door handle.

The Wrench Monkey offers door handles from quality manufacturers like Dorman to fit almost any make and model on the road today.

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