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Mass Air Flow Sensors

Mass Air Flow Sensors from Denso, Cardone, Delphi, and Spectra

Mass Air Flow Sensors

Signs of a Malfunctioning Mass Air Flow Sensor

- Check Engine Light is On

- Engine Runs Rough While Idling

- Decreased Fuel Efficiency

- Engine Runs Too Rich or Too Lean

What is a Mass Airflow Sensor?

A Mass Air Flow Sensor, or Air Mass Meter is used to measure the amount of air entering a vehicle’s engine. This allows the engine’s control unit to get the proper air/fuel ratio for optimum engine performance.

When the sensor is not working properly, the air/fuel ratio may be imbalanced, causing the engine to run either too rich (excessive fuel) or too lean (excessive air). If the sensor has failed completely, it will not be able to send any information to the control unit, and the engine is likely to run rough or may even stall. In these cases the Mass Air Flow Sensor may need to be replaced.

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